Summer Walker Blasted by Fan Over Disappointing Meet and Greet

The 'I'll Kill You' hitmaker reportedly barely speaks to anyone as fans are only given 5 seconds and not allowed to touch her during the after-concert event.

AceShowbiz - Summer Walker's meet and greet was such a big disappointment for a fan. The "I'll Kill You" hitmaker was put on blast online by a woman who bought ticket to the event only to find out she was given 5 seconds to meet her idol.

"Such anticlimactic and disappointing experience meeting Summer Walker yesterday," the fan claimed in an Instagram post. "Not only did she move the meet and greet last minute to after the show, the meet and greet itself was literally 5 seconds."

According to the woman, Walker barely talked and fans were not allowed to touch her. "We were informed to have our phones out, ready with flash, and not to sit too close with her," she said. "She barely spoke to anyone, every couple of people, she'd say 'Hi'. It was a big hurt piece for me because I really idolized her and her work."

The fan said she understood that Walker was an introvert but she expected the singer to show more enthusiasm and sincerity when meeting her fans, "I knew she was an introvert and kind of closed off but there was no effort in this at all, whatsoever."

The woman raged, "For a fan who support you and your music! Helps put money into your pocket. There was not a care or a sense of compassion for all the waiting and money spent into getting to that moment. I sat around for hours trying to figure out what item of mine I wanted you to sign and what I might say to you. I didn't even get an autograph."

"Granted I didn't expect minutes of your time but I at least expected some sincerity," the fan added before concluding, "Never again! Ever. Summer, you lost a big fan. I'm glad this is your first and last tour. You don't deserve us!"

Roughly a week ago, Summer Walker ranted on Instagram, saying that she's done with "the interviews, photo shoots, videos, & really the shows too." "Y'all don't deserve me," she was fuming. "I been me from day one, I'm not bout to start acting different, talking different, treating people different, or looking different. people really expect too much from you."

During her concert in Los Angeles Friday, November 8, she addressed her struggle with anxiety, "If anybody in here has social anxiety, I just wanna let you know that shit is real, but don't let it stop the bag. Don't let it stop anything that you wanna do."

She treated concertgoers to two surprise guests Jhene Aiko and Usher. However, her performance with Usher on "Come Thru" was described on the internet as dry and boring. One wrote, "She looks like she don't wanna be there." Another commented, "Baby u had USHER on stage with u, put a little pep in it!"

More similar comments: "Why she so awkward on stage," "I think she shouldn't perform live at all cause wtf is this," "She's so boring...she's just standing there," "She's so f**king dry my god. Like damn sis give me a little two step or something!!!!" and "Love her music, but I would never pay to see her in concert."

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