T.I.'s Daughter Trolled for Not Twerking in Reginae Menae's Sexy New Video

In an Instagram video shared by the daughter of Lil Wayne, Deyjah Harris is seen about to join the former in twerking before she notices a camera and says, 'What is this?'

AceShowbiz - Deyjah Harris' name has become a hot topic as of late ever since T.I. revealed that he always checks her virginity every year. Given the controversy, people couldn't help but poke fun at the 18-year-old when she was featured in an Instagram video shared by Reginae Menae on Friday, November 8.

In the video, which was taken when the two ladies were enjoying a vacation in Mexico, Reginae could be seen twerking and showing sexy dance moves when Deyjah made an appearance. She looked like she was about to join her in dancing before she noticed a camera and said, "What is this?" Deyjah continued staring at the camera before walking away.

Meanwhile, her step sister Zonnique casually joined Reginae and danced along with her. "When in Mexico," so the daughter of Lil Wayne captioned the video.

People soon trolled Deyjah over her action in the clip, with many making a reference to Tip's parenting choices. "DEYJAH WAS ABOUT TO GO IN THEN SEEN A CAMERA, THOUGHT ABOUT HER POPS THEN SAID NOPE," one user commented in all caps. Another joked, "Deyjah was like 'Awww hell nah I ain't going back to the obgyn over y'all.' " Someone else wrote, "Deyjah was like ight i'mma head out I ain't finna break my hymen."

"Tip somewhere stalking making sure she stay a virgin. ..prob using google translator to talk to a Hispanic gynecologist," one other jokingly commented, while an individual said, "Poor thing was scared to dance. She said oh no, daddy might see this. Let me go." There was also someone who predicted, "Guess who'll be going back to the gyno to get her hymen checked with daddy after Mexico?"

Deyjah has yet to respond to the trolling comments, though Reginae has turned off the comment section of the post.

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