Miranda Lambert on Getting Brother's Consent to Post First Pride Photos: We Both Cried

In a new interview, the 'Mama's Broken Heart' singer opens up about attending the WorldPride event in New York City, and about being the first family member her brother came out to.

AceShowbiz - Miranda Lambert cried happy tears when her brother gave her permission to post her photos of the siblings at their first Pride event together on social media.

The country star attended her first Pride event - WorldPride in New York City - back in June and she was thrilled when her brother, Luke, gave her the OK to post a group shot, which also featured Miranda's husband Brendan McLoughlin.

The "Mama's Broken Heart" singer reveals she was overcome with emotion, because she realised what a big moment it was, telling PrideSource in a new interview, "When he was giving me permission to post about it, we both cried."

"I see now, talking about it, why it's a big moment for other people - because it was a big moment for us too. So I'm just glad that he was OK with that, and we could share that moment and be supportive of each other no matter what we're doing or who we are."

Miranda was the first family member her brother came out to and she insists she supports him "100 per cent in whatever he does", adding, "He is way cooler than me".

Lambert also admits she discovered that having a New York City police officer as a husband has its perks as she attended her first WorldPride: "I got to watch the parade with the NYPD from the best view ever behind a barricade, so I felt really special doin' that."

She reveals her man is a big LGBTQ supporter and explains she fell in love with him when she watched video of him dancing to Cupid Shuffle at a Pride event in 2015 - in uniform.

"He knew he was probably going to get in trouble for it, but he did it anyway," she says. "That makes me love him even more, because he's just that person."

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