Dr. Oz Reveals Deadly Results of Dog the Bounty Hunter's Medical Lung Scan
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The 59-year-old doctor alarms the A and E Network's personality about something inside his lungs that has killed others, prompting Dog to vow in front of cameras that he will quit smoking.

AceShowbiz - Duane Chapman a.k.a. Dog the Bounty Hunter has finally learned about his current state of health. During his upcoming appearance on "The Dr. Oz Show", the 66-year-old reality TV star will be faced with a scary reality as Dr. Oz will reveal results of his medical lung scan.

In the Monday, November 4 episode, the doctor alarms Dog about something inside his lungs that has killed others. "So if you look at the lungs, you see something that really alarmed me and I was fearful of this," he tells the A&E Network's personality.

Continuing with his discovery, Dr. Oz adds, "You see how this normal artery here has little white middle part? But this one has a little piece missing out of it. You notice it's white on the outside but the middle is like an eclipse, real black. That's a piece of blood clot, that is actually inside the arteries of your lungs. That's called a pulmonary embolism."

"The problem with these clots is when they block off the arteries, they don't let any oxygen get to the lungs. There are plenty of folks who died from these emboli," he goes on explaining how dangerous it can be. When asked about what goes through his mind when he found out the results of the analysis, Dog responds, "The first thing I said was, 'How do we get rid of this?' "

Also during the episode, Dr. Oz expresses his concern about Dog's smoking habit. "I'm worried about your cigarettes, but I'm more worried about why you're smoking," he admits in an exclusive clip from the episode. "So I want to get to the root cause of that."

The 59-year-old doctor then reminds Dog that he's a role model for so many people and if he quits smoking, there are a lot of them who will follow. "I want to touch on this a little bit because it's critical, not just for you, Dog, but there are millions of people who admire you, respect you. They're going to follow what you do," he says. "If you can do it, they can do it. You're going to show them how to do it."

That is when Dog vows to stop smoking. "You know, I'm glad you say that, because I'll show them. I'm going to stop," he promises.

Dog has been battling health problems in the wake of wife Beth Chapman's death in June. He was previously hospitalized for a mysterious "heart emergency" by September and that was what made Dr. Oz so worried about him. "I'm looking at you and telling you as a friend. You’re a ticking time bomb," Dr. Oz said in the September 30 episode of his show in which he traveled to the bounty hunter's home in Colorado.

Urging Dog to get medical help, Dr. Oz continued, "You're not going to be here with the heart the way it is right now. And fear of death is normal. I'm surprised you don't fear death when you're chasing after convicts. But when you run away from a doctor, that means you've got to do your own doctoring."

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