Dwight Howard Sends Internet Into Frenzy by Dressing Up as Rasputia for Halloween

Attending his L.A. Lakers' teammate LeBron James' Halloween party, the basketball player wears a bodysuit and puts some prothetics onto his face to completely transform himself into the character.

AceShowbiz - This year's competition for the best Halloween costume is getting tougher. Many celebrities were all going all out to show their epic costume, and the latest to do so was Dwight Howard, who successfully sent people into frenzy with his cosplay of Rasputia Latimore from 2007's "Norbit".

The 33-year-old athlete wore the costume at his L.A. Lakers teammate LeBron James' Hollywood party on Thursday, October 31, sharing on Instagram a photo of himself taken from the bash. Fully transforming into the plus-size character, Howard donned a bodysuit and put some prothetics onto his face to make himself look the part even more.

"Resputia. How ya durinnnnnnnn," so he wrote alongside the photo, which saw him making a duck face while grabbing his fake boobs. The NBA star also added several crying-laughing emojis in the caption of the post.

Many people were loving his costume, with some even declaring him as the winner of the Halloween. One said, "LOL!! Okay Dwight... you WINNING BEST COSTUME SO FAR!!" Someone else, on the other hand, commented, "Boy I can't imagine your tall self walking around like this lol you too funny boy fr." There were also people who joked that he chose the wrong costume this year, considering gay rumors surrounding him. "Dwight this does not help your situation good sir! You already know the narrative surrounds you," an individual said.

Dressing up as Rasputia was not the only thing that Howard did for this year's Halloween. Just a few days ago, the Atlanta native completely turned into "Avengers: Endgame" villain Thanos, complete with his purple skin, when he and Quinn Cook hosted Trick or Treats event at Lakers' training facility.

Howard and Cook, who wore a Spider-Man suit, accompanied children to tour the facility as well as gave them candy and gifts along the way.

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