NBA Star Dwight Howard Tells Alleged Assault Victim He's 'A Lil Nasty' in Explicit Text Messages
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The former Lakers star is sued by a man he met online for assault and battery charges after allegedly pressuring him into having a threesome with a male dressed as a woman.

AceShowbiz - Dwight Howard may have confessed to being into kinky sex acts amid assault and battery allegations against him. The former NBA star is being sued by a man who claimed the athlete pressured him into having a threesome with a male dressed as a woman and his text messages to his accuser are used as evidence.

In the lawsuit, the man named Stephen Harper detailed that he reached out to Howard via Instagram on May 29, 2021 with his "secondary Instagram account." Harper said Howard responded by texting him the devil emoji and the two continued texting, Radar Online reported.

During their conversation, Harper provided his name and sent Howard his main Instagram account information. "After viewing Mr. Harper's Primary Account, [Howard] indicated that [Howard] was waiting on [Mr. Harper] to send pics," the filing stated.

In screenshots of the alleged text messages, the professional basketball star told his alleged victim that he's "into freaky s**t." He then told Harper that he wanted to see Harper's nudes and "c**shots." Howard went on noting, "Now I want you to know I'm not like gay or anything. I'm jus a lil nasty sometimes. Ion wanna offend you."

On July 19, Howard allegedly texted Harper he was "thinking about that meat" and coaxed the man into coming to his home. Howard allegedly asked him, "U wanna have a 3 sum," and though he allegedly told Howard he didn't want to have a threesome, he still arrived at Howard's home and engaged in "consensual kissing" in the bedroom.

The two talked for about 40 minutes before Howard allegedly "steered the conversation back to one of a sexual nature." Shortly after, a man dressed as a woman named "Kitty" arrived and Howard attempted to force Harper to participate in the threesome.

When sexual activities ensued, Harper said he physically and verbally told Howard "no" about not wanting to engage, but Howard became angry and tried to force him to participate. He detailed that Howard "stood up" over him, proceeding to grab Harper by his thighs and forcefully "remove his underwear."

The lawsuit also stated that Howard "held Mr. Harper down, and performed nonconsensual oral sex on Mr. Harper" while Kitty performed another sex act on the former Lakers star. He claimed that he was "in fear of imminent bodily harm" when Howard had him pinned down.

When he tried to leave the home, Harper said Howard demanded Kitty drive him home. He accused the 37-year-old of assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and false imprisonment.

Howard previously denied being gay despite accusations. He has 5 children with five different women.

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