Dwight Howard's Teen Son Calls Him Out for Not Being a 'Real Dad'
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It all starts after one of his baby mamas takes a jab at the L.A. Lakers player for not being a good father, before 13-year-old Braylon Howard chimes in, 'He don't even talk to me.'

AceShowbiz - Braylon Howard just wants his dad, Dwight Howard, to be there for him when he needs it. However, it appears he never receives such a thing to the point where he feels the urge to call him out on social media, like what he did on Thursday, October 22.

It all started after one of Dwight's baby mamas shared on Instagram Stories a shady post directed towards the basketball player. "Imagine watching the love of your life or someone you care/cared about become a terrible parent, ignore their child's emotional needs for the sake of ego and pride and literally leave their other child to be taken care of by a babysitter for, say, 2 months," she said.

"Imagine they ignore their children and neglect speaking to them," she added, before referring to his team L.A. Lakers' recent win at the NBA championship. "Would you root for them if they won anything? Would you support that person publicly?"

Braylon caught wind of the post and re-shared it on his own feed, adding his own comment on his father. "From my brother's mom," he said. "My dad ain't a real dad. He don't even talk to me and he know I'm sad and need him. I'm almost 13 so I can talk now."

Dwight has yet to respond to his son's post.

Braylon is Dwight's son with Royce Reed. Prior to this, the "Basketball Wives" star also called the NBA star out for not being a good father to their 13-year-old son. "Imagine your child crying wondering why his own father is in his same city but won't call, text, visit or send a note by a pigeon," she said in her lengthy post. "Imagine your child wanting to change his name. Imagine your child feeling like he's not worth it and that he's unloved no matter how much he tries to force it."

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