Brandon T. Jackson Blames Wearing Dress in 'Big Momma's House 3' for Ruining His Career and Life
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After the actor says that his role in the Martin Lawrence-starring flick ruins his career, people on Internet didn't agree though, as one of them writes on Instagram, 'It wasn't the dress love!'

AceShowbiz - If Brandon T. Jackson has any regrets, it seems like it would be taking the role in 2011's "Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son" ("Big Momma's House 3"). During a recent interview, the actor reflected on his role in the comedy movie, claiming that everything went wrong after he appeared in the flick.

Talking to "Comedy Hype", Brandon said, "Everything went wrong when I put on that dress." He went on saying, "It was a negative changing point, to be honest... My personal life was in shambles at that time. It was horrible."

He also said that the movie, which also starred Martin Lawrence, wasn't one of his favorites. "First of all, no offense, the movie wasn't that good, to me. It wasn't a prolific film. I sound so mean, like, 'You should be grateful for it,' but I'm real. It wasn't the best movie. It was an entertaining film," he unapologetically explained.

"The whole dress bit was already overdone," he shared, adding that "you couldn't pay the 'awakened Brandon' a trillion dollars" for him to make the same decision.

People on Internet didn't agree though, as one wrote on Instagram, "It wasn't the dress love!" Another person chimed in, "It wasn't the dress, he's just not marketable."

In a separate interview, Brandon discussed his role in "Tropic Thunder" in which he played a gay character Alpa Chino. "I was on thin ice then with the father," Jackson said on "TMZ Live". "But, he had his mercy and his grace was there."

While he claimed that he was forgiven for his role in "Tropic Thunder", it wasn't the case for his role as Trent Pierce in "Big Momma's House 3". Explaining that wearing women's clothing was a bigger issue as it broke a religious law, he said, "And, when you break a law you get punished."

Jackson shared that his doomed career and personal life was all because of the "curse." He stated, "If you don't follow all the commandments that the Torah says to do, you'll be cursed."

However, Jackson claimed that he was in a better place right now since he's with God. "My life is great, 4 kids. Loving life. So, all praise to the father," he shared.

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