Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Documentary Interviewer Dubs Them 'Bruised Couple'
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Tom Bradby details the not-so-rosy behind-the-scenes stories during the time he was traveling with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for the documentary for 'Harry and Meghan: An African Journey.

AceShowbiz - Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's documentary "Harry & Meghan: An African Journey" aired on NBC on Wednesday, October 23. And now, ITV News' Tom Bradby is sharing the behind-the-scenes stories during the time he was traveling with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for the documentary.

"I went intending to make a documentary that was always going to be about their work in Africa and then a little bit about where they are at in life and I knew that everything wasn't entirely rosy behind the scenes--that's true," he explains on "Good Morning America". "But, all the same, I sort of had intended to turn up probably doing a more conventional journalistic job maybe."

He continues saying, "I told them beforehand I was going to have to put some pretty pointed questions, but I think the reality I'd found was just a couple that just seemed a bit bruised and vulnerable. I think with mental health and all the rest of it, you have to be very careful what words you use, but that was the story I found and it seemed the right journalistic thing to do to try and tell that story as empathetically as I could."

Bradby, who was among the guests at the couple's wedding back in May 2018, says that they "had a pretty long chat" and that when he formed "a certain view." He adds, "I speak to Harry relatively often and have done over the years, so as I said, I knew that things weren't entirely brilliant behind the scenes, but it became a sort sort of built as the tour went on really...This was an observational documentary and so, as time wore on, I began to sort of really get a sense of where he was at."

Throughout the trip, the journalist and Harry even had "a couple of sort of private heart to hearts. After those, I said, 'Well, listen, let's just go out and tell the truth as you see it and what happens happens." Bradby also said that the father of Archie Harrison had "always been" someone who tended to answer honestly "for better or worse."

Concluding his interview, Bradby states that through the documentary, he hoped that people would take "a really deep breath" and give the couple "a little bit of space."

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