Mel B Haunted by Ex-Husband's Abusive Threats

In a new interview, the Spice Girls member admits to having recurring nightmare due to a post-traumatic stress disorder caused by her decade-long relationship with Stephen Belafonte.

AceShowbiz - Melanie Brown a.k.a. Mel B is haunted by nightmares, in which her ex-husband chops off her finger.

Detailing her post-traumatic stress disorder, sparked by her alleged abusive relationship with Stephen Belafonte, in a new The Sun on Sunday interview, the Spice Girls star reveals the bad dream is a recurring one.

"I came running down the stairs because I thought my ex had cut my finger off," she says. "I thought it had actually happened because he was threatening to do that".

"I was convinced my finger was gone and my mum had to reassure me it was still there. I have to remind myself that I'm living in the present and that the flashback is my brain playing tricks on me".

The pop star and Belafonte separated in December, 2016, when Mel accused her husband of a decade of "emotional and physical abuse".

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