Lil' Kim Applauded for Her 'Classy' Response to 'Beehive' Backlash From Beyonce's Fans

Kim has now addressed the backlash she received for calling her fans 'Beehive' at the BET Hip Hop Awards, hinting that she has no hard feelings for both Beyonce and her fans Beyhives.

AceShowbiz - Lil' Kim was previously under fire for referring her fans as "Beehive" during her speech at the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards on October 5. Kim has now addressed the backlash in a new interview with Hot 97 host Ebro Darden, hinting that she has no hard feelings for both Beyonce Knowles and her fans Beyhives.

In the latest interview, which was shared by The Shade Room on Thursday, October 17, Ebro brought up the topic into the discussion. "Have you and Beyonce ever discussed the Beehive?" he asked. He then went on saying that Kim was actually the first artist to name her fans "Beehive."

"Yeah, at first. That was me. And then I had a group. Like that was my whole -- Beehive, that was my whole thing. So my fans kind of adapted the name," Kim explained, adding that there was one time when her fans wore shirts with bees at her concert. "Now you fast forward to years later, and we in the social world, and my fans on the Internet are the Beehive."

However, Kim didn't think that no one else could use the name beside her. "I feel Beyonce rightfully so, has the right to call herself Queen Bee as well," Kim shared. "I mean her name's Beyonce!"

Fans were loving her response to the whole thing. "Kim is classy," one fan commented on the post. Another one wrote, "So humble she the queen b."

Kim angered Beyonce's fans following her speech when she was presented with the "I Am Hip Hop" award at the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards. "This is for you, Beehive!" she proudly gushed while holding up her trophy up in the air. While it was spelled differently, the name didn't stop Beyhives from coming at Kim on Twitter.

"I'm sorry but fif Lil Kim say thank you #BeeHive ??? Girrrll, just cus we call you Queen B does not mean you can call ya fans the beehive. That territory has already been claimed sis #HipHopAwards," tweeted a mad fan. Another fan added, "Did Lil Kim just say 'This Is for you Beehive.' "

"So Lil Kim is Queen Bee and her fans are the Beehive and Beyonce is Queen Bey and her fans are the Beyhiveā€¦ I'm sorry but someone is getting sued lol," one confused viewer chimed in.

However, one Kim fan noted that the star "literally has been calling us that since the 00's." It's true, though. In her 1996 track titled "Crush on You", Lil' Kim called herself the "Queen Bee." She also released a track called "Tha Beehive" back in 2003, rapping, "Rappers better run and hide 'cause here comes the Beehive." As for Beyonce, the singer started using the word Beyhive in 2011.

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