Zoey Deutch Wants to Challenge Ed Sheeran to Pasta-Eating Contest
WENN/Avalon/Mario Mitsis

The 'Zombieland: Double Tap' actress reveals that she lost a fries and schnitzel contest against the 'Perfect' hitmaker when they were filming a music video together.

AceShowbiz - Actress Zoey Deutch has challenged her "Perfect" video boyfriend Ed Sheeran to a pasta-eating contest after he destroyed her with his appetite on the set of the promo.

The singer challenged the "Before I Fall" star to a fries and schnitzel contest while they were filming the ski trip video in Europe and she lost, revealing Ed is very competitive when it comes to food.

"He is the nicest guy in the world until you say to him that you can eat more than him," Zoey tells Access Daily. "He starts to lose it and it gets aggressive."

Confessing he crushed her, she adds, "I still wanna challenge him to a follow-up with pasta, because I think I can win with pasta, specifically with this pasta at Carbone, a restaurant in New York".

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