Evelyn Lozada on OG Calling Her Racist Bigot: She's 'Bananas and Misinformed'

During an interview, Evelyn says of her 'Basketball Wives' co-star, 'For anyone to call me a racist or a bigot against my own people is simply bananas and misinformed.'

AceShowbiz - Evelyn Lozada has spoken up about Ogom "OG" Chijindu accusing her of racism. In an interview with Bossip, the TV personality defends herself and insists that she's not a colorist or racist because she has also faced discrimination for being "women of color."

She says during the interview, "For anyone to call me a racist or a bigot against my own people is simply bananas and misinformed. 90% of the people I work with are people of color and 98% are women. And the same numbers, if not higher apply to my personal businesses. Besides, last time I looked in the mirror I was a woman of color who has to more often than not, navigate through unchartered 'real life' discrimination. Addressing false claims about racism and bigotry seems to be a waste of valuable time. I'll just leave it there."

Evelyn went on shading her "Basketball Wives" co-star as saying, "I treat people how I want to be treated and I will react if I'm being treated badly--I'm human." She added, "What I will never do is cry wolf, act like a victim or manufacture a storyline to remain relevant." When asked whether or not she could end her beef with OG, Evelyn said, "That question can be best answered by Ogom, not me."

Evelyn and OG's beef has been going on for a while, with the latter accusing her of racism for using a picture of a monkey to refer to her. The girlfriend of Carl Crawford responded to the accusation by filing a lawsuit against the athlete for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

TMZ recently reported that Evelyn had also filed a temporary restraining order against OG in light of all their beef over the last few months. However, a judge denied her request, saying that the matter is more appropriately handled through the lawsuit that she previously filed.

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