The Osbourne matriarch rules out working with the music producer especially after she was fired and called 'too old' for his show, but insists she doesn't hate him.

AceShowbiz - Sharon Osbourne has no interest in appearing alongside Simon Cowell on one of his TV shows again.

"The Talk" host previously claimed Simon axed her from the judging line-up of "The X Factor U.K." last year for being "too old" and, despite his apologies over the incident, the TV personality has drawn a line under working with the star again.

"I don't want to work with him," Sharon told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper. "Because I said certain things about, and to, Simon, doesn't mean I hate him for ever, just for that second I don't like him... He is OK, it's just I don't want to work with him."

Her comments come shortly after the music mogul told the publication he has "no bad blood" with his former co-star, explaining: "I phoned her up the other day and said, 'Look, I'll be honest with you. How could I criticise you for being mouthy when it's the reason I hired you in the first place?!' "

However, despite Simon insisting Sharon is "is always welcome back" to his shows, she refuted his claims on her U.S. daytime show, quipping: "The other day? It was May 2018, I haven't heard from him since."

After Sharon, 67, was axed from the hit talent show, she took aim at Simon in a furious interview, raging: "If you want young, fire yourself and get rid of those man-t*ts."

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