Byron Scott Calls Son Thomas and 'Basketball Wives' Star Kristen 'Clout Chasers' and 'Liars'

Besides putting his son and daughter in-law on blast for making him look bad on the show, the NBA coach slams Shaunie O'Neal for making fun of his fiancee Cece Gutierrez.

AceShowbiz - Those who watched the latest episode of "Basketball Wives" might have known a scene where Byron Scott never made it to a family dinner with son Thomas and wife Kristen Scott to fix their family issues. While the married couple made it look like Byron bailed on them in the episode, the NBA coach set the record straight and put them on blast for lying on him.

Following the airing of the episode, Byron took to Instagram to share a video in which he called out his son and Kristen for being "clout chasers" and "liars." Then, he began to explain what actually happened prior to the dinner, claiming that he was never invited in the first place. Thus, it was only natural that he didn't show up. "Thomas and I had talked about having dinner together but it was never at their house. We had scheduled a time to go," he said.

Byron went on saying, "So for them to go on, portray that I was supposed to come over and I skipped it and went to the baseball game instead of coming over to try to handle a family situation or a family matter is ridiculous." The 58-year-old was especially mad at his daughter in-law Kristen, who said that Bryon "put the baseball game so to speak in front of the family, it shows my priorities, it's crazy as hell."

"And her always talking about she wants to fix this, she didn't get close to that. She made it worse," he continued. "She's made it worse because again she's come on TV and basically said I skipped a meeting that we had already arranged which had never been arranged in the first place."

Both Kristen and Thomas haven't responded to this. Meanwhile, the video has since been deleted.

Besides putting his son and daughter in-law on blast, Byron also slammed Shaunie O'Neal for making fun of his fiancee Cece Gutierrez. In response to a Shaunie fan who praised her for keeping it classy unlike the other ladies on "Basketball Wives", Byron hit back, "Shaunie made fun of my soon to be wife. Cece has never said anything or done to that lady. Classy?"

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