'Basketball Wives' Star Cece Gutierrez Drops Bombshell, Reveals She Has a Son

The VH1 star drops the bombshell in the latest episode of the reality TV series, in which she and co-star Kristen Scott get into a heated argument during dinner.

AceShowbiz - Nobody knows Cece Gutierrez has a son all this time, not until she reveals it herself. In the Wednesday, September 18 episode of "Basketball Wives", the nurse dropped the bombshell when she got into a heated argument with co-star Kristen Scott.

During the episode, Cece and the other ladies were attending Shaunie O'Neal's dinner. Things seemed cordial at first, but it soon took a turn for the worst when OG commented about Cece's fiance Byron Scott and his son Thomas, who is Kristen's husband. Things got heated right after, with Cece and Kristen engaging themselves in a screaming match.

Cece eventually had enough and walked away, with Kristen calling her a "fraud." Meanwhile, Jackie Christie tried to convince Cece to stay. But the latter said she "hates" Kristen and said that the only ones she considered as her family are Byron and her son.

This sudden bombshell, obviously, shocked a lot of viewers because they thought that Cece didn't have children. "Wait Cece has a son? Since when she had kids? I thought she was childless," one expressed her/his disbelief. Another echoed, "I didn't know Cece had a son?!? Where he at?" Someone else, meanwhile, exclaimed, "WAIT... CECE GOT A SON??? WHERE HE COME FROM?? HOW OLD3S IS HE?"

Details about her son remains unknown, though there are reports saying that he's 26 years old. It's also unknown who is the father of her son.

Cece is now in a relationship with Byron Scott, whom she started dating back in 2014. The couple quietly got engaged last autumn, with the NBA coach breaking the news in the comment section of a post that saw Cece showing off her bathing suit. "1-2 years ago we met. 6 months later you were my girlfriend. 2 weeks ago you became my fiance. And soon you will be my wife. I am the luckiest man on earth. I love you baby," so he said.

The two have set a July 11, 2020 date for their wedding.

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