'LPBW' Star Audrey Roloff Admits She 'Can't Breathe' After Learning of Pastor Friend's Suicide

Jarrid Wilson, a popular pastor and mental health advocate, died on September 9 at the age of 30, with his wife Juli breaking the devastating news on her Instagram account.

AceShowbiz - Audrey Roloff was supposed to be celebrating her daughter Ember's second birthday, but it was forced to be interrupted when she learned of her friend's, Jarrid Wilson, suicide. Dealing with the sudden and "shocking" loss was apparently so hard on the "Little People, Big World" star that she had a hard time breathing and kept crying for hours.

Taking Instagram on Wednesday, September 18, Audrey recalled, "I couldn't breathe when I found out and sobbed for hours." Ember was with her when that happened, and that prompted her to ask what's wrong and give her mommy pats on the shoulder. The little girl even wiped away her tears and told her to blow her nose so that she would stop crying. However, it seemed Ember's effort had the opposite effect because Audrey said, "Cue more tears."

Elsewhere in her post, Audrey expressed her hope that her friend's sons would be given "peace that surpasses understanding." She also shared an inspiring message about mental health. "Mental illness has a lot of stigma around it, unfortunately especially in the church. I think we can be better, especially in times of mourning, to be less critical and more compassionate. To be quicker to love than to judge. To be more like a two-year-old comforting mama."

She concluded her post by saying, "While I was sitting on the couch with Ember mourning the loss of our friend. I realized how much more COMPASSIONATE my 2 year old is than most adults... Sometimes people just need you to sit with them, wipe their tears, and blow."

Jarrid, a popular pastor and mental health advocate, died on September 9 at the age of 30. His wife, Juli Wilson, broke the devastating news on Instagram along with a video of the pastor playing with their son. "I miss you beyond what my heart can stand, thank you for loving our boys and I with the greatest passion and selflessness I've ever seen or felt in my entire life," she said in her post.

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