Tamar Braxton and 'The Real' Hosts Are Feuding Again, Loni Love Says Singer Is Just 'Scared'
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It all starts after the singer appears on 'The Wendy Williams Show', on which she says that the Emmy-winning show is using her as a 'marketing tool' and that the ladies are being 'catty' behind her back.

AceShowbiz - Tamar Braxton's feud with the ladies of "The Real" apparently has yet to be over. Months after Tamar issued an apology to her former co-hosts, the singer took a dig at them when she appeared on "The Wendy Williams Show" on Wednesday, September 18.

When Wendy asked her if she ever considered to go back to "The Real" following her departure, Tamar immediately refused the idea as she insisted that she didn't want to be "anybody's marketing tool." She also accused them of being "catty behind my back," while noting, "I just feel like sometimes God has to move you out of situations before you become more toxic to yourself."

She continued, "What kind of person would I be right now sitting on this couch? I wouldn't be focused, I wouldn't be ready for my transformation. I wouldn't be ready for my elevation and that's where I've got to go. I've got to go up and up and up."

Tamar also insisted that she didn't mean anything bad by her remarks, but "The Real" co-hosts certainly didn't take it well. "It's been three years. I don't know why you guys keep talking about this situation," Loni Love said, explaning that she had invited Tamar to the show for season six but she didn't get any responses from her. She added, "Tamar, nobody is trying to use you as a marketing tool, sweetie."

"You are still welcome right here too at anytime. It is not a big deal. Seriously, we as black women have to stick together. We as women have to stick together. It's no pettiness. We need to have you come here so we can close the circle," Loni continued. "You apologize, we opened it up to you and it is still there and it will always be there. We love you, Tamar. You are a powerhouse. You know us so that's it."

Other hosts also expressed their feelings regarding the situation, with Tamera Mowry calling the stories that Tamar was fired because of them "unfair." She said, "The fact is we had no idea. There was no ill ittention. There was no meeting. There was none of that." Meanwhile, Adrienne Bailon noted, "When you apologized obviously I didn't know that it was taken down, we were like man, that all I ever wanted was an apology. That made us think you extended an olive branch."

Tamar has responded to their comment, shading them even more by showing a screengrab of a text message that alleged Loni wrote a letter to get Tamar kicked out off "The Real". However, Loni has debunked it and urged Tamar to make an appearance on the show to talk things out rather than taking a jab at each other on social media.

But Tamar declined it right away as saying in another post, "Sorry I only go on shows with ratings, plus you do enough talking about me." Loni was quick to hit back, "I know you are scared Tamar... but if you are going to accuse me of something do it to my face... but you can't handle the truth.. I thought your apology was sincere... that was why I wanted you to come on the show... I can't wait for your next funny meme... Let's go Sis!!!"

Tamar has yet to reply back.

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