Megan Thee Stallion's Stylist Comes to Her Defense After 'Stripper' Fashion Backlash

Believing that her outfit for her New York performance makes her look cheap, people criticize the 'Hot Girl Summer' hitmaker for wearing a purple jacket with a matching crop top and hot pants.

AceShowbiz - Megan Thee Stallion is known for wearing revealing outfits and flaunting her envy-inducing body, but it looks like people have gone tired of it and urged her to change her style. It got especially bad when she wore a custom snakeskin outfit by Brittany DeShields for her performance in Buffalo, New York. Fortunately, her stylish came to her defense.

For her performance, Megan opted for an all-purple look with a puffy jacket, a sexy crop top and hot pants. She teamed the look with a fishnet stocking and a silver chain, while styling her raven into a high-ponytail. Looking at her look, people immediately roasted the "Hot Girl Summer" rapper as they believed that her outfit only made her look cheap.

One criticized, "Now because she has a coin she is wearing designer stripper clothes like all the others. There is no style or innovation to anything she wears. Don't have anything against her but her fashions don't deserve a post... next case." One other expressed how glad s/he is now that Megan had signed to Roc Nation because Jay-Z "gonna put her in designer suits and change her style for the better she can't be around Beyonce's husband dressed like a $2 Ho all the time just stay tuned."

"No no and no ! Her image needs something she still looks tacky no matter what she's wearing. I think she needs a European stylist like what Riri [Rihanna] has or a female like June to get her right," another noted.

Seeing the backlash that Megan received for her fashion, her stylist EJ King quickly came to her defense. "Half of the people making comments have nothing to offer this world but hate and negativity," so he began his lengthy response. "The sad part about it is it's only in black culture do we tear down our own kind, and ridicule, judge and disrespect each other for the same s**t that happens in white culture that they are praised over!!!"

"But here you have the most negative s**t to say about a 24-year-old women (sic) performing on stage living out her dream... and being positive influence for other girls to go to school!!!" he continued, mentioning the likes of Lady GaGa, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera as the examples of white stars who received a lot of loves from people.

Concluding his post, EJ encouraged others to "try uplifting each other instead of being the first to tear each other down!!! And let's just be very clear I can give a s**t about the comments I will never be here to defend my work because We love it."

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