Fans 'Cancel' Lil Fizz After Moniece Slaughter Claims He Neglected Her While Dating Apryl Jones

In the latest episode of 'LHH: Hollywood', Apryl explained that she was blindsided when Omarion ended their relationship and credited his B2K bandmate Fizz for helping her get through the hard time.

AceShowbiz - Moniece Slaughter isn't holding back. The "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star took to her Instagram account to launch her baby daddy Lil Fizz's dirty laundry in response to his girlfriend Apryl Jones' remarks in the latest episode of the VH1 show.

During the episode, Apryl explained that she was blindsided when Omarion ended their relationship. "He came home one day and he was different. He just didn't want to be in a relationship with me no more," she said, before crediting his B2K bandmate Fizz for helping her get through the hard time.

Of Fizz, whose real name is Dreux Pierre Frederic, Apryl shared, "Dreux has been there when I am drained. When I had no sleep. When I'm falling through the depression. When I'm literally about to lose my mind. He was like, 'I'm coming over, I'm about to get these kids and get them to the park. You need to rest.' "

Apryl also said that her relationship with Fizz was the reason she was "still standing here." She added, "I was literally that skinny. Not eating. Drinking my life away. Like, going through it."

While Fizz appeared to put extra care for Apryl and her children, Moniece claimed that he failed to do so for his own child, Kam. "Damn. I was dying too. Because of DREUX! 102 lbs. Not sleeping. Not eating. Depressed. Not drinking my life away. But definitely drowning in tears out of desperate for the disrespect to stop," she wrote in a lengthy Instagram comment underneath a post of the said clip. "The restoration and healing of our Co-Parenting relationship to being because kam was/is paying the price behaviorally & emotionally."

"When she put him on the phone and I said I was struggling and wasn't sure how I was gonna make it through my week with kam and asked for their help, he told me [to] figure it out," Moniece continued saying. "Pull it together it was my week. Call my parents. And hung up. Called to say I was trying to check into an inpatient depression behavioral center. He said great. Why are you calling? We have nothing to talk about. And hung up in my face. Then text me and told me he doesn't care what happened to me."

Fans were mad after reading Moniece's comments and quickly dragged Fizz for allegedly treating the mother of his child poorly. "He ain't s**t! It's sad when the man is willing to do more for another than the mother of his child/children especially when she is reaching out for help," one fan said.

Another person added, "Smh then be looking stupid when something serious happens when all it would of took was for him to help her for a minute with THEIR CHILD just sad. I'm sorry but Fizz is mean af!" Meanwhile, someone else wrote, "Fizz is canceled He not your support system he's been shown that. I would've never called him. you got this sis."

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