Larissa Dos Santos' Exes Colt Johnson and Eric Nichols Called 'Salty' for Hanging Out Together

The ex-husband of the Brazilian beauty shares on Instagram several photos from his and Eric's get together, with one photo showing them wrapping their arms around each other.

AceShowbiz - This is surely such an unexpected development. Following his split from Larissa Dos Santos Lima, Eric Nichols moved on with his life and even went to hang out with her other ex, Colt Johnson, at the latter's home. Although the two men seemed to be having fun together, a lot of "90 Day Fiance" fans weren't here for it and proceeded to blast them.

Colt shared photos from their hang out on his Instagram page, with one picture showing them wrapping their arms around each other as the glasses man held his thumb up. Colt's mom appeared in the second image, sitting between her son and Eric as they held two bouquets of flowers. In the last picture, Eric was seen trying out the slot machine that Larissa didn't like.

Instead of receiving positive messages from social media users, Colt and Eric were blasted as people believed that they were just craving for attention. "All I see from this picture is two grown a** men who are salty af and have to get any form of attention they have," one wrote, as another used a popular meme to express his/her disgust, "Alexa play 'Do anything for clout' by Offset featuring Cardi B."

Seeing the photos, one person admitted to finally understanding why Larissa decided to break up with Eric as saying, "Now I can see why Larissa dumped Eric, turns out he's crazier that Coltee." Someone else quipped, "Petty, table for two. And extra glass of water for both, 'cause they're thirsty af." On the other hand, an individual praised Larissa for breaking up with the two men, "You made the right decision to run away from these 'type' of people."

Both Colt and Eric have yet to respond to the backlash, though the former has deleted the pictures from his page. Meanwhile, Eric turned off his Instagram comment.

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