6ix9ine Speaks Against Nine Trey Bloods and Trippie Redd in Trial, Meek Mill Blasts Him

The rapper, also known as Tekashi69, reveals two men as Nine Trey Gang members and claims that fellow rapper Trippie was a member of rival gang Five Nine Brims.

AceShowbiz - Tekashi69 a.k.a. 6ix9ine took the stand as the trial of Nine Trey Blood Gang members, Anthony "Harv" Ellison and Aljermiah "Nuke" Mack, began on Tuesday, September 17. The 23-year-old rapper was slated to testify against the defendants, his former gang associates. Harv is also charged for the 2018 kidnapping and robbery of Tekashi69.

During his two-hour testimony, the "FeFe" hitmaker nervously identified Harv and Nuke as Nine Trey Blood Gang members. "Anthony Ellison has a gray suit on. Mack has a brown suit on," he said when asked if he recognized anyone in the courtroom.

Tekashi69 admitted he joined the gang in November 2017 and participated in violent crimes, including shootings, assaults and drug trafficking. He said there was no initiation ceremony or he had to shoot someone to join the gang, but he had to release music to make money for the gang's activities. "I just had to keep making hits and giving financial support to the gang. Equipping with guns. Like, so they could buy guns," so he claimed.

At one point, the New York City native revealed that fellow rapper Trippie Redd, a former collaborator-turned-rival, was a member of rival gang Five Nine Brims. He also admitted that his song "Gummo" contains a diss directed at Trippie.

Tekashi69 went on talking about the making of "Gummo" music video. "I asked them if we could get some Nine Trey members to be part of the videos," he said. He explained that he wanted the "aesthetic" of "Gummo" to reflect the Bloods offshoot, so he bought dozens of red bandanas in preparation for the shooting.

Tekashi69 was arrested on racketeering charges in November 2018. He was facing a minimum of 47 years in prison, but he cut a deal in return for his full cooperation.

Following his testimony at the trial, fellow rapper Meek Mill has blasted Tekashi69, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez. "69 going up in s federal courthouse today kids! Message of the day don't be a Internet gangsta... be yourself! #cloutisnottheroute get money," he tweeted.

Meek Mill Blasts 6ix9ine for Snitching

Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent previously also blasted him for snitching. "Tekashi 6ix9ine Is Safe & Secured in Jail Unit with Other Snitches," Snoop posted along with a photo of the jailed rapper showing off his colorful grills. He added rat emojis in the comment section, while Meek called Tekashi69 "ratgoon."

50 Cent, meanwhile, said he has never been contacted by his former prodigy since he's jailed and said that he would not receive his call. "When you do s**t like that, you're your mama's child. Don't call me! Don't call me!" he said of his "Get the Strap" collaborator on HOT 97's "The Breakfast Club" earlier this month.

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