'Bachelor in Paradise': One Cast Member Exits Following Huge Fight Over Love Triangle

In the new episode of 'Bachelor in Paradise' season 6, the drama between John Paul Jones, Derek Peth and Tayshia Adams has resulted in one of them abruptly departing from the ABC series.

AceShowbiz - The Monday, September 2 episode of "Bachelor in Paradise" season 6 saw the love triangle between John Paul Jones, Derek Peth and Tayshia Adams further intensifying. The drama between the three apparently had resulted in one of them abruptly departing from the ABC series.

It started after John told Haley Ferguson about Derek's strong feelings for Tayshia. It drove her mad and she went to slam John for giving her his rose when he was not actually serious about her. After he apologized, John went to confront Derek.

During their argument, John accused Derek for getting engaged to Tayshia since his romance with Demi Burnett ended. Additionally, he said that Derek slept with one of his followers, a claim that Derek vehemently denied. Meanwhile, Tayshia didn't want to be involved with either of them anymore.

At one point, John apologized to Tayshia. He told her that he didn't want to scare her away. The episode later featured Derek getting his heart broken again. Tayshia told him that he was not the one for her, though it didn't have anything to do with John. Despite that, Derek revealed that he felt "self-loathing" and "sadness," not to mention that he was previously dumped by Demi.

"I just want to find somebody," he told the cameras in confessional. "Like, how many years do I have to wait for that to happen?"

That was when he made a big decision. When he arrived back at the beach, he gathered all the other cast members. "This is really hard to talk to a group of people who I’ve really grown so close to," he started his announcement. "I thank all of you guys for the friendships that I've built here, but unfortunately this time for me that's all I've been able to build. I'm actually going to head out now. I love so many of you in so many ways. Thank you all."

Tayshia cried over the news as she felt responsible over Derek's decision. "It just sucks to see someone else's decision based off of something you said," said Tayshia. "I just feel bad. I just feel sad, that's all. I hate that I had so much power over, like, his feelings, really. That hurts."

Tayshia wasn't the only one who felt bad over Derek's exit. "There's a part of me that feels a little bit guilty that I couldn't give Derek what he came here to look for. God, I just feel so bad. I feel bad for him. I hate that it, like, came to this point," said Demi. "It's really sad to see someone who's so great and deserves to actually, like, find someone and to be happy, to see him be so unhappy today. I mean, it broke my heart."

Following his departure, fans who were rooting for Derek took to Twitter to urge ABC to make him the next "The Bachelor". "Derek for bachelor? Anyone? Anyone at all?" one fan wrote. "DEREK DESERVED TO FIND LOVE AFTER EVERYTHING HE'S BEEN THROUGH NOR DRAMA DAMN IT JOHN PAUL JONES," one other added.

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