Internet Is Bothered by Video of Chris Sails' GF Kissing His Son With Queen Naija on the Lips

Slamming the YouTuber for letting his new boo Savay kiss CJ on the lips, many remind him that it is a 'disrespectful' thing to do and predict that he won't be allowed to see the child anymore after this.

AceShowbiz - There are various ways to show your affection to children, but kissing them on the lips is surely not one of them, especially if they are not your own children. Thus, when Chris Sails' new girlfriend Savay did exactly just that in public, people were not so impressed.

The incident happened during a recent Instagram Live session, in which Chris' son CJ, whom he shares with ex wife Queen Naija, was seen looking at the camera before Savay gave him a kiss on the lips. Chris was there when the kiss happened, though he didn't seem like he was bothered by it as he just casually stared at the camera.

However, a lot of people were bothered by it and quickly slammed the YouTuber for allowing his new boo to kiss CJ on the lips. Many reminded him that it was a "disrespectful" thing to do, with one saying, "You're out of your mind letting that woman CJ barely knows kiss him on the lips. Disrespectful af." Another said, "Are you serious? You just started dating this girl 2 hours ago and she already kissing yo son on the lips smh."

Some others, meanwhile, pointed out that Chris might not be allowed to see his son anymore because of that. "I'm smelling supervised visits only," one predicted. Someone warned him, "You will never see yo son again after yo h** a** girlfriend kissed his lips you should've checked her for that's s**t you trifling bro."

Naija himself has yet to directly respond to the video, though she appeared to show her disapproval in a tweet that read, "Absolutely not ma'am."

Naija and Chris welcomed CJ in February 2015, months after they tied the knot in October 2014. The then-couple broke up in 2017, with the songstress later moving on with YouTuber Clarence White. They share a child together, a baby boy named Legend Lorenzo White.

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