Jason Momoa Stays in Good Spirit While Being Stuck in Elevator for Hours

In a series of videos, the 'Aquaman' star reveals that he and a group of people were trapped inside the lift of L'Hermitage hotel in Vancouver, Canada for almost two hours.

AceShowbiz - Jason Momoa took to Instagram while he and his dog waited to be freed when they got trapped in a hotel elevator.

The "Game Of Thrones" star, 40, and his pup were trapped inside the lift for almost tow hours with five other people during a stay at L'Hermitage hotel in Vancouver, Canada, on Tuesday, August 27. And sharing updates on his Instagram stories, the actor documented the incident as the group waited for assistance.

"So what's happening?" Jason asked, to which one friend responded: "We're stuck in a f**king elevator!".

"I'm hungry! Help me! Get me out!" yelled the friend as he furiously pushed buttons, while a man and two other women were already slumped on the floor munching M&M candy and drinking cans of beer.

"Bust that s**t out, man," the "Aquaman" star quipped, before explaining their predicament to fans. "We're stuck in an elevator. Fire department doesn't really wanna show up... Hey, get us out!".

However, the group kept in good spirits, as they jokingly discussed who they should eat first, if they were held in the elevator for a long time, while sharing the food and drink they had.

In a final update, the star revealed he'd busted the ceiling panel of the lift to try and escape, as he shared a video of his stunt team looking through a crack in between the lift and the next floor as they attempted to work out how to rescue the actor and his friends.

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