'MAFS': See Fans' Reaction to Iris Caldwell's Childish Secret

The new episode also sees things going awkward when the other couples gather together for NASCAR driving experience as Jamie yells at Elizabeth, 'Shut up and listen! Shut up for five minutes!'

AceShowbiz - "Married at First Sight" season 9 aired its episode 11 on Wednesday, August 21. As the "Decision Day" is nearing, the couples were starting to dive deeper into each others' lives. Iris Caldwell and husband Keith Manley were going to a dance class as she tried to be sexually intimate with Keith following the revelation that she's virgin.

During the class, the newlyweds were seen grinding to each other while executing some sexy moves. It did good for their relationship as Keith said he definitely felt closer to his wife. The next day, Amber Bowles and Matthew Gwyne invited all couples to do a NASCAR driving experience, but Iris and Keith unfortunately couldn't make it.

Later in the episode, when it was 13 days before they reached the "Decision Day", viewers finally learned about Iris' big secret which she had teased before. In the previous episode, she said that she had a very private concern that only her "mother and her doctor know." Further making fans curious was Keith's reaction as he revealed, "Hearing Iris' secret… I'm just a little confused."

And now, the mystery was solved. She told Keith that when she was a kid, she was riding home on the school bus and there was one time when she put dirty change into her mouth and swallowed a quarter. They shared a secret with each other in hopes of getting closer, but the new relevation only made Keith question Iris' emotional maturity more.

Keith wasn't the only one confused over Iris' secret. Viewers expressed their confusion on Twitter, as one tweeted, "Come on now Iris, I am rooting for you. You can't come deeper than swallowing a quarter? This is about trust & intimacy!" One other user added, "Iris from #MarriedAtFirstSight gettin on my nerves! Poor Keith. This woman told him she swallowed a quarter as a deep dark secret. GIRL BYE!"

"Iris!! What kind of secret is that???? Yo, she really started it out like it was going to be something sooooo juicy too," a disappointed viewer wrote. "At this point, I'm starting to think Iris is trolling us all. After this big secret of hers, I cannot take anything she says seriously. She's going to show up to the reunion, stare straight into the camera & say, 'Gotcha!' " one fan assumed.

One person, meanwhile, suggested Keith to run away from Iris, saying, "This GIRL just told a secret about swallowing a damn quarter!! I think Iris has some deeper issues, emotionally she is stunted in her growth. Run Keith!"

The episode also saw things going awkward when the other couples gathered together for NASCAR driving experience. Elizabeth Bice was so loud that they couldn't listen to instructions, prompting Jamie Thompson to yell, "Shut up and listen! Shut up for five minutes!"

Elizabeth told the group that's how Jamie spoke to her often. Deonna McNeil told the cameras she "would not tolerate" her husband speaking to her that way. As for Matt, he thought it was also "disrespectful" of Jamie to do that to Elizabeth, though he noted that it wasn't his business how Elizabeth and Jamie interacted with each other.

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