'MAFS' Season 9 Finale: Fans React to This Couple's Unexpected Decision to Get Divorced

In the season finale, four couples of season 9 of the Lifetime series sit down in front of the experts to reveal whether they will stay married or call things off and get a divorce instead.

AceShowbiz - The Decision Day is here. Four couples of "Married at First Sight" season 9 sat down in front of the experts to reveal whether they would stay married or would get a divorce instead. A divorce wasn't something new on the show, but no one saw this coming when it came to this one particular couple.

In the Wednesday, September 11 episode of the Lifetime series, fans were shocked when it was revealed that Keith Manley wanted to call things off with wife Iris Caldwell. "You've been nothing but supportive. Whether it's coming to my grandmother's funeral or you coming to meet my family and spending time with my family. I do want you to know how grateful I am to have met someone who has pushed me in so many different ways that I just had no idea I needed to be pushed in," Keith shared during the sit-down.

"Right now, I do think that we are in different places individually and for that reason I would like to get a divorce," he added, much to everyone's surprise. Dr. Pepper Schwartz admitted that she was "stunned" by the decision, while Dr. Viviana Coles said her heart was "broken for Iris."

"I think you're an amazing person. I think you're an amazing woman but I'm just not sure you're the right one for me," Keith continued. As for Iris, she said, "I guess I'm at peace with it because it's something I can't change."

Fans were heartbroken for Iris, but most of them agreed that it was the right decision for both of them. "Iris' sadness & shock is seriously breaking my heart.... but Keith is the kindest gentleman when explaining why he chose divorce. You can’t hate him for it. ....it's just so sad," one fan wrote on Twitter. Another person believed that "Keith absolutely did the right thing!"

One user couldn't hide her/his excitement upon finding out Keith's decision. "KEEEEEEEEITH!!! MY GUY!! YOU SMART MAN!!!! Again, Iris is a GORGEOUS WOMAN! But she has A LOT OF GROWING UP TO DO!" the person tweeted. "Iris's emotional vulnerability with Keith went as high as her sharing the deep dark secret of swallowing a quarter. Keith's decision was about way more than sex. Nice people can also be emotionally immature. Way to be honest Keith," read another tweet.

Meanwhile, Gregory Okitie and Deonna McNeill decided to stay married. "This kind of feels like a fairy-tale. I got married at first sight to find my forever relationship, to find my complementing partner, go on adventures, go grocery shopping, go home and have someone to talk too," she shared. "With Greg, I have all of that."

Amber Bowles confronted her husband Matthew Gwynne for allegedly flirting with another woman. The two decided to go separate ways. "Matt has been ungentlemanly, unkind and unfaithful. I'm relieved actually that Amber and Matt both said they wanted a divorce," said Schwartz.

Elizabeth and Jamie Thompson might have a rocky start, but they believed that staying married was the right thing for them. "They really have seemed to harnesse that passion between them and appreciate it," Coles commented on the couple. "But I'm hoping they'll keep the toxicity at bay and the good vibes between them will really flourish."

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