John Travolta Put in Good Words for Past Home Intruders

During a sit down with 'Good Morning America', the Pulp Fiction star recalls his real-live encounters with obsessed fans including a girl hiding in his closet and an uninvited student at family dinner.

AceShowbiz - John Travolta once found a fan hiding in his wardrobe while another turned up as an uninvited guest for a family dinner, but insists the intruders were not threatening.

The "Pulp Fiction" actor, who stars as a man obsessed with a popular movie actor in "The Fanatic", recalled the encounters during a sit down with "Good Morning America" on Wednesday (August 14) when he was asked about his own real life experiences with fans.

"I've never had, ya know, a situation where there's ill-intent toward me at all," he shared. "Years ago, when I was a kid... there was a girl in my closet in my house that had gotten in somehow... that scared me."

"Another time, a student walked in on the family dinner and I don't know why they were there, but it wasn't ill-intended," he added.

"The Fanatic" is directed by and co-written by rocker Fred Durst.

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