Paris Hilton's Ex-Fiance Goes Ape to Cover Her Name Tattoo

Chris Zylka has gone to tattoo artist Winson Tsai in Ontario, Canada to get the heiress' name ink on his left forearm replaced with a design of his favourite animal.

AceShowbiz - Paris Hilton's ex-fiance has gone ape and replaced a tattoo of her name with a gorilla.

Chris Zylka, who split from the heiress and reality TV star last year (November 2018), had the work done at Chronic Ink Tattoo Shop in Ontario, Canada recently and sports his new left forearm ink in a photo on social media.

Chris told tattoo artist Winson Tsai he wanted to cover up his "Paris" tattoo before completing work on a new Netflix project he was shooting nearby.

Sources tell TMZ, the new tattoo took six hours total to complete.

Zylka opted for a gorilla because the great apes are his favourite animals.

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