Odell Beckham Jr. Insists He's Straight After Stripping Down to His Undies in New Photo

Meanwhile, 50 Cent reveals that he's blocking the Cleveland Browns wide receiver for posting the image, which features him wearing nothing but a pair of Calvin Klein undies.

AceShowbiz - Odell Beckham Jr. can't seem to escape his gay rumors, no matter how many times he tries to. The 26-year-old NFL player recently got people talking after he posted on Instagram a mirror selfie of himself stripping to his undies. Odell looked so hot in the photo that even a lot of men couldn't help but click the like button.

But considering his gay rumors, all the men who liked the photo were deemed suspicious. Someone tagged his/her friend, who liked the photo, and wrote, "questionable like by you lol." Another similarly said, "You're sus af for liking this." Meanwhile, one person admitted to feeling "sus for liking this," prompting a response from another user who said, "I don't think imma like it cause I'm feeling a little iffy even thinking about liking it."

Reading the comments, Odell felt the urge to address his sexuality before more people assumed that he's really gay. "It be a lot of y'all sayin sus and all the other comments that realllly be a direct reflection of who u are!" he said. "Im straight! Like beyond it. If I sit here and tryna defend myself y'all gon say im tryna defend myself , if I sit there and say nothin yalll gon say 'seeee he didn't say anything..' I'm good wit me. Which is dumb straighttttt... Period."

In related news, Odell's undies photo also attracted 50 Cent's attention, though it wasn't in a good way. Reposting the photo on his own account, the "In Da Club" hitmaker said that it successfully made him block Odell. He then warned Trey Songz, "Don't be doing this s**t like this no more and here you go." Fofty was referring to a playful back-and-forth that the two musicians had after Trey posted a picture of himself in underwear on Instagram Stories.

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