Andie MacDowell's Daughter Blames Herself When Mother Dated Dennis Quaid
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During an appearance on 'The Late Late Show with James Corden', Margaret Qualley recalls one incident related to 'The Parent Trap' star that left her feeling like she ruined her life.

AceShowbiz - Andie MacDowell's actress daughter grew up thinking she brought her mother and Dennis Quaid together.

"Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" star Margaret Qualley, whose father is former model Paul Qualley, was such a big fan of Quaid's film "The Parent Trap" as a kid, she thought her passion for the movie drove her mum into the star's arms.

"Being a child of divorce, I just really glued onto The Parent Trap," she told "The Late Late Show with James Corden" host James Corden when he asked about her favourite films. "I like both versions (of the film), but I was particularly drawn to the Lindsay Lohan/Dennis Quaid version. And there's a funny thing that happened around that."

"I would continuously be like, 'Hey guys, I don't know if you've seen The Parent Trap, but things turned out really well for them'. I just wanted to make sure I was heard there."

The 24-year-old actress admitted she was stunned when her mother came home with Quaid and announced he was her new boyfriend.

"She started dating Dennis Quaid and I was sure it was all my fault and I had wished this into fruition and I took complete responsibility," Margaret stated. "I was shocked. I was like, 'You really missed the mark here'. I felt like I made this happen. I felt like I ruined my life, and my parents' life!".

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