Margaret Qualley Explains Why She's Such a 'Grandma'

The actress wife of Jack Antonoff compares herself to a grandma because she loves to 'hibernate' and stay at home with her husband and their loved ones.

AceShowbiz - Margaret Qualley has "always been a grandma." The "Poor Things" actress loves nothing more than being at home with husband Jack Antonoff, having people over for dinner, or riding her horse, and she admitted one of the appeals of living in New Jersey is that "no one else" does.

"I love to hibernate. I love living in New Jersey, because no one else lives in New Jersey. I've always been a grandma; it's always been hard to get me out. If I'm out past 11pm, something's wrong," she told the new issue of Britain's ELLE magazine.

The "slower pace" of live she enjoys in New Jersey reminds Margaret of her childhood in North Carolina. She said, "I was on a horse before I could walk. There are loads of photos of me in my mom's lap on a horse, or in her belly on a horse; even asleep on a horse. I'm loving being able to kind of go back someplace that feels like my childhood. When I drive to the suburbs, my shoulders just kind of drop; it's a slower pace."

The 29-year-old actress enjoys supporting her husband at awards ceremonies such as the Grammies because she finds them more "fun" than those that honour actors.

She said, "There's a level of shame baked into being an actor; it's such serious self-deprecation, where we beat on ourselves so much during these kind of award ceremonies. It's like it matters so much. But somehow in the music industry, they just seem happy to be there and happy to get the award. It's not that thought out. We should just go have fun."

Margaret also confessed to having "complicated" feelings about last year's Hollywood strikes. She said, "I'm super happy for the writers and actors, but I also have so many friends that are crew members who had a really, really hard time... It's complicated. I went into it a little bit kicking and screaming. I wasn't Zen about it from the get-go, but I had a great year to make a home and get things organised."

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