Lil Xan Curses at Concertgoer for Trying to Pull Him Offstage Forcefully

In a fan-captured video, the 'Betrayed' rapper can be seen performing one of his songs onstage when one person grabs his leg and tries to pull him down forcefully.

AceShowbiz - Lil Xan had a not-so-nice experience when he was hitting the stage at a recent show. The rapper was performing his songs onstage when someone tried to pull him offstage forcefully, and this clearly made him angry to the point where he ended up cursing at the person.

In a fan-captured video, someone could be seen grabbing Xan's leg during his performance. He fell down almost immediately and tried to prevent the concertgoer from pulling him any further. Xan was eventually able to release himself from the person, who ran away once he knew that he failed to pull the young spitter offstage.

But that didn't mean Xan would not let the concertgoer go just like that. Once he got back on his feet, the "Betrayed" rapper proceeded to yell, "Get the f**k out of here."

Despite known for being active on social media, Xan did not address the incident on both his Instagram and Twitter account. However, he shared something meaningful with his Instagram followers last week. Taking to the photo-sharing site, the "Slingshot" rapper uploaded a screengrab of his text exchange with the late XXXTENTACION.

In the picture, the slain rapper was advising his fellow rap musician, "Even when you feel like s**t it's better to say nothing at all than it is to mourn. Don't be victimized by life. Be empowered by it." Xan wrote back, "Move in silence," to which XXX replied, "Precisely. Get what you want out of it all, don't let them ruin your love for yourself. And beyond everything, always fear yourself. Because you are your best friend and your worst enemy."

"Reading old Dms. You would give me the best Advice that I still follow Today," Xan captioned the image. "Love live Jah We all miss and love you so much."

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