'LHH: Hollywood' Star Apryl Jones Debunks Lil Fizz Dating Rumors, but There's a Catch

Insisting that she and the B2K member are just friends, the TV personality praises him for helping her deal with 'the s**t that I deal' with Omarion and calls Fizz an 'angel sent into my life.'

AceShowbiz - Apryl Jones has set the record straight on rumors of her dating Lil Fizz. In a new preview for the upcoming season of "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood", the TV personality shuts down the rumors and stressed that she and the B2K member are nothing more than friends.

Calling Fizz an "angel sent into my life," Apryl praised him for helping her deal with "the s**t that I deal" with Omarion. "It's awesome to be able to have a friend who chooses to do what's right, to be there and support this friend, to make sure that I'm healthy mentally and honestly, he's just an angel sent into my life. I'm just truly honestly grateful for him," she said.

Apryl once again made it clear that her relationship with Fizz is friendship. "Me and him are as close as we are because he's dealing with someone who's almost similar to his children," she continued. "We have that compatibility in both dealing with the mother and father of our children. He steps in just to help me get sleep or when he sees that I don't have anyone to help me with the children, he'll be like, 'You gotta go work, you gotta make your money, go ahead and do what you gotta do -- what a friend would do."

Still, she didn't rule out any possibility of them dating. In fact, she didn't mind to get down and dirty with the singer. "I'd rather give it to a person that's my friend as opposed to a person who's just a guy that I'm knowing. He's deserving of that p***y. Let's just be really honest," Apryl confessed. "Dreux is definitely deserving of the p***y, and if I decide to give it to him one day, I would be proud of that because I have given guys my vagina that doesn't deserve it. He deserves it! I deserve it, hell!"

Moniece Slaughter, who has been very vocal about Apryl and Fizz's dating rumors, unsurprisingly reacted to Apryl's confession. Posting on Instagram a clip of the preview, she said, "Finally. The truth. The truth I can respect. The involuntary lying into my face is what will turn me back into the old me. Cuz see a blatant lie, is worse than saying nothing at all, especially when I didn't ask. The lie is also an insult to my intelligence."

She deleted the post afterward.

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