Kimberly Perry's Ex Calls Infidelity Accusation 'Click Bait to Revive Dying Career'

After The Band Perry frontwoman claimed that 'The Good Life' is about being cheated on, J.P. Arencibia expresses his hope that his former wife can one day move on from their broken marriage.

AceShowbiz - The Band Perry star Kimberly Perry's ex-husband has attacked the singer for turning their marriage mess into a promotional tool to boost album sales.

Retired baseball star J.P. Arencibia has released a statement via his representative, in which he slams his ex-wife over claims she made about his infidelity while talking about her band's new track "The Good Life".

Releasing the song on the eve of her 36th birthday on Friday, July 12, Perry took to Instagram and wrote: "THE GOOD LIFE is a story about the infidelity I experienced. I want you to know that this song was written during a toxic and incredibly difficult time in my life, but I'm singing it to you now with the voice of a woman who has completely regained a strong sense of self, rebuilt her womanhood, and is grateful to have learned so much."

"The lyrics in this song are visceral and strong, just as the feelings have been. I feel empowered by them. I hope they empower you to know your value, and if you find yourself in an environment where someone makes you feel disrespected and degraded, I want you to know that you deserve so much more..."

She added: "The song coming out tonight is one I needed to make to remind myself that my life is not defined by one ugly situation, my body is not diminished by one uninterested person, and my self worth is not determined by anyone else's words or behavior. Neither is yours."

Arencibia wasted little time responding to Perry's remarks with his own statement, which reads: "While matters of our relationship and what led to the demise of our marriage should remain between us, I will say there was no infidelity. It's a shame that all of this is now being made up to promote an album. I have moved on and hopefully one day she can as well."

The couple divorced in March, 2018 after almost four years together.

Arencibia also took to Instagram to post another response to his ex-wife's statement, adding: "It's sad that at 36 years of age today, a person would try to revive a dying career with click bait. Well, here's just a little taste of reality to a woman and family that are not in touch with it."

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