Nicki Minaj Clowns Cardi B Fans Slamming Her for Not Supporting Female MCs: I'm the Goat
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'Clown tingz,' the 'Anaconda' hitmaker tells a Twitter user, who goes under the name Warren Stocker, after he says that she will never do what Cardi does to defend other female rappers.

AceShowbiz - Recently, Cardi B came to female rappers' defense after Jermaine Dupri stated in an interview that all of them are just "strippers rapping." This apparently prompted one of her fans to criticize Nicki Minaj for not doing the same as the "Bodak Yellow" hitmaker, and the Young Money rapper was clearly not here for that and proceeded to hit back at the said fan.

Praising Cardi for what she said in her videos, the fan, who goes under the name Warren Stocker on Twitter, wrote on the blue bird app, "Nicki would never... I'm so here for Cardi supporting these women in the industry. Y'all love to act like the only female MCs are the ones taking off they [sic] clothes. There is a diversity of artists out there. You just have to be willing to find them and support them!"

Nicki caught wind of the post and didn't waste any time to clap back, letting the user know that it was only a few days ago that she gave a shout-out to several female rappers. "Clown tingz," she said in response to the user. "Keep my d**k out y'all mouth. 6 days ago NICKI started posting DIFF FEMALE RAPPERS ON HER PAGE. Btchs who write raps & respect an authentic come up. Yesterday y'all started this clown convo. Don't fkn mention me. I'm the fkng GOAT, anybody who don't know that."

But Nicki wasn't done hitting back at Warren. She later pulled up a receipt on the Twitter user who apparently used to be a fan of her back in 2014. Warren was defending Nicki in a tweet that the Trinidadian rapper re-posted, "They always just pull some s**t out they hats just so they can have someone to go up against my girl Nicki."

Making fun of Warren, Nicki wrote above the tweet, "(Clown emoji) This was him in 2014."

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