Bhad Bhabie Blasts People for Not Supporting Her Because She's 'White', Says She Quits Rapping

Taking to Instagram Stories, the 16-year-old rapper writes, 'Y'all will promote half these female rappers that dead a** suck y'all only f**k with most of them cuz they pretty.'

AceShowbiz - Bhad Bhabie a.k.a. Danielle Bregoli has some words for hip-hop fans. On Friday, July 12, the Internet personality took to Instagram Stories to lash out at people as she feels that they are not supporting her as a female emcee because of her racial background. While a lot of female rappers are black, Bhabie is white.

Clearly not holding back, Bhabie wrote on the social media site, "Y'all will promote half these female rappers that dead a** suck y'all only f**k with most of them cuz they pretty or you like they 'style' I promise you these b***hes anit on that but when it comes to me a b***h that can really rap y'all don't wanna f**k with me cuz how I came and bc I'm white."

In another post, the 16-year-old named some raptresses who are excluded from her "suck" female emcees. They are Asian Da Brat, Megan Thee Stallion, Mallibu Miitch, Coi Leray, Tokyo Jetz and Dej Rose Gold.

The fact that Cardi B and City Girls weren't mentioned in her post led people to speculate that she was shading the ladies in her first post, but Bhabie was quick to debunk the rumors. "No cardi b and city girls shade," she said. "I'm talking about girls that are still kind of under ground Yung Miami JT and Cardi already proved they're on that." She added, "Don't b twisting s**t for attention."

When people thought that Bhabie was done with her rant, she clearly was not. She later posted on Instagram Stories again to announce that she would be quitting the rap game. But Bhabie apparently regretted sharing the post and quickly backtracked her comment as saying, "Nah f**k that -- I ain't quitting s**t."

Bhabie, who went viral following her appearance on "Dr. Phil" back in 2016, was recently reported to be signing a $1 million songwriting/co-publishing deal with Pulse Music Group. According to TMZ, she will receive a $350,000 in advance and then two installments of $325,000 each when "she hits revenue targets."

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