Nicki Minaj Accused of Making 'Disgusting' Threat to Female Writer Over a Tweet That Gets Her Fired

Instead of suing the 'Megatron' raptress over her 'vulgar and tasteless' insults, Tuwanna Thompson is suing her former company Karen Civil and its CEO Christian Emiliano for defamation.

AceShowbiz - Last year surely was an eventful year for Nicki Minaj. Not only she ignited beef with Travis Scott (II) over Billboard chart, but she also made headlines for her infamous altercation with Cardi B. However, it appeared that those two were not the only negative things happening around her as she was also accused of threatening a female writer over a tweet.

Tuwanna Thompson claimed in a lawsuit that it all started after she tweeted her opinion on the female emcee's music, "You know how dope it would be if Nicki put out mature content? Just reflecting on past relationships, being a boss, hardships, etc. She's touching 40 soon, a new direction is needed." Her tweet surprisingly went viral and caught Nicki's attention, and the rapper was clearly not buying it.

In the documents that were obtained by The Blast, it's stated that Nicki "hurled several insults" that were "vulgar," "tasteless" and "disgusting" at Tuwanna through direct messages. Making matters worse, she was asked by her then-employers at Karen Civil to take down the tweet because Nicki was one of their clients. But when she obliged to their request, the damage was done and she was fired from her job.

Tuwanna went on claiming that her former company's CEO, Christian Emiliano, took to Twitter to go on a rant about her. The freelance writer noted that it damaged her reputation and hurt her ability to get work. Accusing her former company and its CEO of defamation, she is now seeking $1.5 million in damages. Meanwhile, she does not sue Nicki for her threat.

Nicki is currently gearing up for the release of her upcoming album, which still doesn't have a title or an exact release date. Announcing the news during an appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" earlier this month, she said, "Of course there's a new album! I just don't know when, I'm not putting out a date yet, but there is one."

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