Cheryl Cole Gets Candid About Having Therapy for a Year Following Birth of Son

Explaining the move in an interview with BBC, the former Girls Aloud singer says she didn't want to raise Bear, her son with ex Liam Payne, while battling her anxiety issues.

AceShowbiz - Cheryl Cole had therapy for a year after becoming a mum to son Bear in a bid to combat her anxiety issues.

The 36-year-old candidly discussed her struggle with mental health, and confessed she "struggled in silence" for so long that she couldn't open up to her friends or family.

In the BBC interview, the singer revealed she finally felt the need to tackle her anxiety issues after the arrival of her son, who she shares with ex-boyfriend Liam Payne, because she didn't want to raise him while battling the condition.

"I think I actually walked through the fire to be honest," the former Girls Aloud singer shared. "I struggled for so long in silence; I wouldn't even open up to friends and family. I was very closed."

"I actually had therapy for a year. I struggled for so many years with anxiety and in my own head, thinking things... I didn't want that to be happening when I was trying to focus on raising a child. It felt like my responsibilities shifted and my priorities changed and I needed to be settled in my own head to be able to give him (Bear) the best that I could possibly give him."

Cheryl, who split from Liam last year (18), also addressed the comments "angry and sad" trolls have made about her on social media, stating, "If someone has the time and the mental capacity to want to go on an article and write a sentence about somebody, you've got to be quite an angry sad person (sic)."

"They're not OK. It's more a reflection than it is a truth - it's how they feel about themselves or how they perceive things to be."

However, Cheryl now refuses to rise above the online criticism, because the trolls don't know her as a person.

"They can say they don't like your shoes or they don't like your hair - who cares?" she added.

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