'Bachelorette' Recap: Find Out Who Gets Hometown Dates

A new episode of 'The Bachelorette' sees Hannah Brown spending time with her remaining seven suitors, with some of them being granted for a hometown date next week.

AceShowbiz - The July 1 episode of "The Bachelorette" saw Hannah Brown and the remaining seven suitors spending time in the Netherlands. Going for the first one-on-one date with Hannah was Jed. They opted to have a scenic day while touring Amsterdam.

Hannah revealed she was falling for Jed, though she was confused with her own feelings since she also had strong feelings with several others. Jed wanted Hannah to be open about her feelings and at the end of their date, Hannah gave Jed the rose. The two would also head to his hometown next week.

Tyler later had a one-on-one date with Hannah. He opened up about how he struggled about his lack of time with Hannah and explained why it had been getting in his head throughout this process. He also admitted to Hannah that his parents' divorce made him fear of having a failed marriage. Hannah appreciated his honesty, so she gave him the rose and a hometown date.

Mike was given a one-on-one date, much to Connor's disappointment. He later decided to pay Hannah a visit in her hotel room to express his concerns. Hannah told him that she wasn't sure about their relationship. With that, she sent Connor home on the spot.

During her date with Mike, Hannah attempted to find out more about her feelings for Mike. By the nighttime portion of their date, Hannah became emotional. She told him that she didn't think they had a future together. She decided to send Mike home without the rose.

Later at the group date, Luke pulled Hannah aside. He told Hannah that he was still worried about how others treated him. Hannah admitted that she felt the same, and she planned to do something about it.

During their chat, Garrett told Hannah his side of the story after Luke called him "fake." He also told Hannah that he thought it was unfair that things were still "the Luke P. show" in this season. Garrett and Luke were having another banter when the former confronted the latter. Meanwhile, the group date rose went to Peter.

During the episode, Hannah had a steamy makeout session with Luke. Garrett also had his big moments with Hannah after he told her he loved her. However, it only made her confused. At the end of the episode, she opted to give the final rose to Luke instead of Garrett.

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