'Avengers: Endgame' Child Actress Playing Tony Stark's Daughter Pleads for End of Bullying on Her
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The mother of seven-year-old Lexi Rabe, who plays Morgan Stark in the hit Marvel movie, claims on Instagram that her daughter has been bullied by people who are seemingly unhappy with the star's behavior in public.

AceShowbiz - Lexi Rabe may have gained attention for her role as Tony Stark's little daughter in "Avengers: Endgame", but that fame comes with a downside. The mother of the child actress revealed on Instagram that her daughter has been a victim of bullying.

Lexi's mother Jessica posted a video of 7-year-old Lexi, in which she explains her behavior. "I messed up sometimes. So, my mom and dad give me tons of talking and time-outs," the young star says in the short video. She continues, "And if I go anywhere and I'm acting a little showy or messed-up or something like that...I'm just a seven years old."

She ends the clip with her character's iconic "I love you 3000" line.

Jessica called out the bullying in a lengthy caption. "I hate that we even have to post this. But yet again Lexi's getting bullied," she wrote. "And this kind of thing makes it celebrities never want to leave the house never want to meet people."

"Please keep your opinions to yourself so Lexi can grow up in the free world. She's a normal human being and she's a child," she continued. "We give her a talking and we give her timeouts but we don't do that in public. Sometimes were rushing from place to place stressed like everyone else to get to set on time or work or whatever and we seem a little grumpy."

Jessica didn't detail the specific instance of bullying, but it seems that people were upset when Lexi didn't stop for autographs or pictures with fans. She added, "I'm sorry if you see us this way but that's life! If you ask us for an autograph we always almost say yes. If we happen to be having a bad day that might put us right on the right! We are not perfect! These perfect children are not being given the freedoms and the rights that they should."

"We give our children plenty of rules and boundaries But then give them the freedoms to mess up and learn from their own mistakes," she went on sharing. "They would not be on set an on movies if they weren't well behaved. Trust me they have no desire to hire kids like that! And there were plenty of children that productions can work with."

Pleading with people to stop judging her daughter and her family, Jessica added, "So if you see us in public and think you have the right to judge. Wait. Number one until you have children of your own, and Number two realize that we're not perfect and we're not claiming to be! But just try to realize the different strokes for different folks what you do with your kids may work for you and what I do with my kids works well for me. My children love me and respect me even if they act out sometimes. Thank you! Jessica!"

Following the lengthy message, Lexi's Instagram page was updated with a post featuring a picture of Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark showing his palm to the camera, with the words "Protect a Child - Say no to bullying!" written on it. "THANKS for ALL your SUPPORT! If you see someone saying unkind things....PLEASE report their account to @instagram . It takes a village!" the caption read.

Lexi has since received a lot of supporting messages in the comment section of both posts.

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