Kevin Spacey Accuser Screamed for 'Help' in Graphic Texts to Girlfriend

The then-18-year-old accuser told his girlfriend that the 'House of Cards' actor grabbed his penis eight times during an encounter at a Nantucket bar in 2016.

AceShowbiz - Kevin Spacey accuser's graphic texts to his girlfriend detailing his encounter with the actor have been revealed to public. During his exchange with his girlfriend, the then-18-year-old boy described the July 8, 2016 incident that took place at the Club Car, a popular bar and restaurant on the resort island of Nantucket.

According to a court filing made public on Thursday, June 20, the accuser told his girlfriend that Spacey asked his number and asked the boy to come out with him. He also said that the awards-winning actor was "grabbing my leg and s**t."

The girlfriend initially took it lightly, saying that Spacey was "hitting" on her boyfriend and she's "so jealous." She also told him, "Pls take a selfie with him at some point." The accuser then told his girlfriend that Spacey is "totally gay" and he grabbed his penis "like 8 times." He added, "He pulled my zipper down... And he invited me to his house."

The girlfriend told him to "have fun but not too much fun if you know what I mean," but the accuser's next replies indicated how serious the situation was. "Jesus Christ he reached down my pants," he texted. "Help." He also said that he's taking a picture, possibly to prove his claims, and that he's "drunk," but "not f**king around."

"I got the autographs and a hell of a (story)," he added, and wrote "help" several times. He went on saying that he's calling his mother, former Boston TV anchor Heather Unruh, possibly to tell her what's happening at the time.

Unruh brought to light the accusations against Spacey for the first time in 2017, accusing the former "House of Cards" star of getting her son drunk and sexually assaulting him. In December 2018, Spacey was charged with a felony for sexual assault in the case, to which he pleaded not guilty in January of this year.

In the original filing in March, defense lawyer Alan J. Jackson claimed, "Text messages consistent with statements provided to law enforcement are likely to reveal that (the accuser) joked about the incident with friends for months after the incident and that his mother is the driving force behind these allegations."

The defense sought access to the accuser's cellphone for a forensic examination, but the alleged victim and his parents failed to meet the court-appointed deadline, claiming they haven't seen the phone since December 2017. The judge has now given the accuser until July 8 to provide the requested evidence.

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