Inside Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods' Reunion at Friend's Birthday Party

According to a report, the Kylie Cosmetics founder is partying at Bootsy Bellows for about half an hour while her former best friend leaves after 20 minutes.

AceShowbiz - Considering that Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods have a lot of mutual friends, it's kind of inevitable that they will cross path. Actually, it already happened when both of them attended their friend Stassie Karanikolau's birthday party at Bootsy Bellows over the weekend.

Details about their reunion have now made its way out online, with multiple sources alleging that there was no tension at all during the bash. Rather, "good vibes" were allegedly flowing between them. E! News reported that Kylie was mingling with Jaden Smith when Jordyn arrived with a few of her girl friends. The latter "immediately said hello to Jaden and Stassie. Kylie didn't avoid Jordyn at all and was very cordial. She said hello briefly and they both smiled at each other."

According to a source, the former best friends didn't interact that much during the party, but "they did acknowledge each other and then went on with the party going separate ways." Kylie was said to be wanting the night "to be drama free," and it surely was a success because the source said that "it was a great night for Stassie and her friends." They surely had a lot of fun at the bash as Kylie was seen in one video falling backward when she tried to snuggle up to Stassie. Despite that, both of them laughed it off.

TMZ reported that Kylie was partying for about half an hour while Jordyn left after 20 minutes.

Jordyn and Kylie's friendship was on the rocks following the cheating drama involving the former, Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson. While it doesn't seem like they can go back as best friends like before, a source close to the Kylie Cosmetics founder shared that she "doesn't have any bad blood against Jordyn and truly wants to be cordial with her."

"Their circle is small and they both knew they would run into each other eventually and Kylie doesn't want to ever deal with any drama," the source continued, adding that Kylie "has moved on from the situation and isn't going to treat Jordyn a certain way in public."

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