James Corden Reminds Online Haters: Don't Waste Your Time Being Angry

Talking about dealing with negative comments on social media, the 'Ocean's 8' actor explains why it is hard to know whether criticism is being made in good faith or by those with a hateful agenda.

AceShowbiz - Comedian and late night host James Corden has hit out at his critics, insisting they are wasting time they could use to be creative themselves.

The British star has found success in the U.S. as a talk show host, but is less loved in his homeland, where a vocal minority have trashed him on social media since his rise to fame as the star of the BBC sitcom "Gavin & Stacey".

James, who hosts this year's Tony Awards in New York on Sunday, June 09, says he is sometimes hurt by negative comments, but questions why his critics spend all their time angry at him rather than trying to become entertainers themselves.

"Some things will be water off a duck's back, others might bruise," he tells U.K. newspaper The Sunday Times. "It depends where you are emotionally. Also, it's a strange time to be doing anything (in public). People are angry and, while it's easy to criticise, it's hard to have an idea. So my answer is, don't waste your time being angry - have a better idea. And if you can't? Think carefully about the next time you write that."

James, 40, goes on to say that it's often difficult on social media to know whether criticism is being made in good faith or by those with a hateful agenda.

"A lot of the time, you're talking about an online world, so you might be taking a view from racists," he adds. "I saw somebody on Twitter say something about me I thought was brutal, so I went to their feed and it was all about compassion. What can you do? Nothing."

This Christmas, James and co-creator Ruth Jones will bring back "Gavin & Stacey" for a one-off special, and he hopes it will provide some joy amid angry and troubled times, saying, "We just want the new show to be a nostalgic joy-bomb."

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