Mandy Moore Reflects on 'Powerful' Hiking Adventure to Mount Everest's Base Camp

The 'This Is Us' actress reveals that she has conquered the challenging terrain with her friends on Memorial Day, as the death toll for the 2019 climbing season rises to 11 people.

AceShowbiz - Actress/singer Mandy Moore celebrated America's Memorial Day holiday at Mount Everest's base camp in Nepal after successfully completing a gruelling trek.

The "This Is Us" star achieved her goal on Sunday, May 26, after spending more than a week hiking through challenging terrain with a trio of friends, including experienced Alpine guide Melissa Arnot.

She documented their victorious moment with an Instagram photo, in which Mandy and her pals jump for joy with their arms outstretched in triumph at the top of the world.

"There is so much magic in these mountains," she captioned the image. "They represent adventure in the grandest form and in a language all their own."

Moore admitted reaching base camp was beyond her "wildest imagination", before reflecting on the tough journey they had faced to get there.

She explained, "Traversing this terrain has its challenges. Breathing at altitude, for instance, is not easy... Besides hydration and staying nourished, breathing is THE vital key in the fight against altitude sickness. It's also a major takeaway that I will be employing back to the real world whether I'm in the midst of a tough workout or a weird day. Mind blown."

The group was later taken via helicopter back to Nepal's capital of Kathmandu to wrap up their adventures.

The 35-year-old set her sights on reaching Everest's base camp last year (18) after conquering Africa's Mount Kilimanjaro in April, 2018.

"I would love to do Everest base camp, because I'm very much into the hiking and climbing now," she told U.S. talk show host Ellen DeGeneres at the time.

Meanwhile, another mountaineer has died after summiting Everest, bringing the death toll for the 2019 climbing season to 11 people.

American attorney Christopher John Kulish, 62, died on Monday, May 27, after reaching the top of Everest on the Nepalese side of the mountain.

Mountaineers claim difficult weather conditions and the growing commercialisation of expeditions, which have led to lines of people waiting longer than usual to reach the summit, are contributing factors to the deaths.

Earlier this month, crowds of climbers became stuck in a queue to the summit, above the mountain's highest camp in an area known as the "death zone".

Many inexperienced climbers have suffered severed altitude sickness awaiting their final climb.

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