Laura Lee Becomes Butt of the Jokes Due to Her Apology Video

From seemingly faking pregnancy to accidentally killing their loved ones to get good content, these social media stars' actions successfully garnered people's attention.

AceShowbiz - Before James Charles was mocked due to his insincere apology video, Laura Lee received the same treatment in the past after her racist tweets resurfaced online. She posted on her YouTube channel an apology video after that, only to find herself being trolled by a lot of social media users as they thought that she was just acting. Adding insult to the injury, they said her acting was really awful.

This prompted Laura to upload another apology video after deleting her first one. "I owe you guys a sincere apology. In that video, I come off more as a victim … I am not a victim in any way," she said, describing her first video as "more of a reaction to the situation than a response." Explaining why she decided to remove it, Laura said that it didn't "represent" her, but she vowed not to "pretend it didn't happen."

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