Sam Pepper Receives Backlash for Fake Murder Prank Video

From seemingly faking pregnancy to accidentally killing their loved ones to get good content, these social media stars' actions successfully garnered people's attention.

AceShowbiz - Making prank videos is not something unusual for YouTubers, but Sam Pepper certainly crossed the line with his clip. He received heavy criticism after posting a video of himself playing a prank on fellow social media star Sam Golbach by pretending to kidnap the latter and murder his best friend.

In the video, Golbach and his friend Colby Brock could be seen tied up in chairs next to each other before a masked man pointed a gun at his friend's head. Sam screamed in distress when the gun fired, but Brock quickly stood up and assured him that he was all right. While Golbach eventually smiled a few days later, social media users were not. Many of them came at Pepper with hatred messages, leading him to delete the video and issue an apology.

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