Lizzie Cundy Claims Meghan Markle Once Asked Her to Find Her 'Famous British Man'
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According to the 50-year-old former WAG, she and the Duchess of Sussex continued to keep in touch, adding that she was shocked when news broke of her relationship with Prince Harry.

AceShowbiz - Lizzie Cundy recently shared that she had a surprising friendship with Meghan Markle. The 50-year-old former WAG revealed in a new interview that she and the wife of Prince Harry even wanted her to be a wing woman for her.

Speaking to The Sun (via Daily Mail), Lizzie said that the two hit it off at a charity dinner together back in 2013. "We were having a girly chat and then she said, 'Do you know any famous guys? I'm single and I really love English men,' so I said, 'We'll go out and find you someone.' "

Lizzie did attempt to introduce someone to the Duchess of Sussex. Three months prior to her London trip, Lizzie allegedly showed Meghan a picture of Ashley Cole though she ruled out because of his reputation.

The radio personality went on dishing that she met up again with the new mom at the Global Gift Gala the following day. "Meghan's so relaxed, she liked a drink, great fun, I remember her asking about my boys, she was very interested and asking lots of questions," Lizzie said.

According to Lizzie, the pair continued to keep in touch, adding that she was shocked when news broke of her relationship with Prince Harry. "I texted saying, 'Oh my god, I heard about Harry,' " Lizzie revealed. "And she was like, "Yeah I know. We'll try and hook up.' "

Although she said that Meghan ghosted her after dating the British royal, Lizzie said that she believed that it was because she was "advised to end contact with people she befriended in the media."

Piers Morgan previously also said that Meghan cut ties with him. "I got to know her quite well over two year period," "The Good Morning Britain" host said in March. "We would message each other a lot, e-mail a lot."

"I had a couple of pints of real ale and she had dirty martinis," he recalled his time with Meghan in London. "She said afterwards in the cab, 'I had a great time. Love to see you again.' It was purely platonic I hasten to add."

"She went in that cab that night to a party Prince Harry was at and the next night she went on the date with him. I never heard from her again. Ever," he added. "I don't like people that behave like that. It's kind of rude. It showed me that she, I'm afraid, is probably a bit of social climber."

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