Jenelle Evans Denies Rumors of Daughter Ensley Being Removed From Home: 'I'm So Sick of This Drama'

In related news, it is revealed during 'Teen Mom 2' season finale, which aired on Monday, May 13, that David's controversy brought tension between Jenelle and the production.

AceShowbiz - Jenelle Evans apparently has had enough with the current drama surrounding her after husband David Eason killed her dog Nugget. Jenelle previously confirmed that her sons Jace and Kaiser were removed from her and David's home in California by Children Protective Service, and a new report says that her daughter Ensley has also been taken away.

A Facebook page claimed to be run by the former Teen Mom 2" star's sister Ashleigh said that the 2-year-old was taken by CPS officials in North Carolina. TMZ, meanwhile, reported that Columbus County Child Protective Services were "trying to locate" the couple to gain access to the property. They reportedly considered David "extremely dangerous" as he threatened anyone who attempted to trespass.

Jenelle, however, denied the claims about Ensley being removed. "How would anyone ever believe ANY of my siblings and then report some BS?!" the 27-year-old wrote in a note on her Instagram Stories. "We all know damn well I don't talk to my sister, have her blocked, and she's the one to be looking at …. not me."

She went on ranting, "SO sick of this drama. Everyone wants a piece of my life … like why tho."

Ashleigh, meanwhile, claimed that it was a fake Facebook account that was created in her name. Speaking to The Blast on Tuesday, May 14, Ashley said that " 'fans' of 'Teen Mom' have been trolling her for years on social media, constantly creating fake accounts and pretending to have information about the family drama."

She went on saying that the controversy regarding David killing Nugget was "extremely private and is being dealt with by the family." She also stressed that "it's all about the children," adding that what was said on the fake accounts was "a bunch of crap."

In related news, it was revealed during "Teen Mom 2" season finale, which aired on Monday, May 13, that David's controversy brought tension between Jenelle and the production who "refused to film in North Carolina" after David, who was fired from the show over his homophobic remarks, threatened to show up during the filming.

"I'm gonna have to talk to MTV about what the future's gonna hold," Jenelle admitted during the episode. "I don't know if they'd accept his apology if he did apologize again. David feels like he needs to defend himself and it upsets him."

"I have David that doesn't want me to go on trips, then I have you guys that want me to go on trips," Jenelle told producers over the phone. "I have everyone pulling a limb on me some sort of f***ing way and I'm really, really at my breaking point."

Producer Morgan J. Freeman responded, "None of us want to force you to choose between David and the show, but I'm hearing you say it's about you're not willing to get on a plane to travel without David right now." Jenelle replied, "Like I said, I don't know what to tell you guys. I need to stay home because it's important to me right now, my marriage and my family."

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