SZA Goes Online About Being Racially Profiled by Sephora Employee

Recalling a rude encounter she dealt with at a branch of the beauty giant, the 'All the Stars' hitmaker tweets that she had security guard called on her to ensure she wasn't stealing.

AceShowbiz - R&B star SZA has taken a retail employee to task online for racial profiling after store security guards were called to ensure she wasn't stealing.

The "All the Stars" hitmaker was shopping for products from Rihanna's Fenty Beauty collection at a California branch of makeup giant Sephora on Tuesday, April 30, when she claims she found herself under close surveillance for apparently no reason.

"Lmao (laughing my a** off) Sandy Sephora (sic) location 614 Calabasas called security to make sure I wasn't stealing," SZA posted on Twitter after the rude encounter.

However, the Oscar and Grammy-nominated star refused to lose her temper over the incident, and instead chose to wish the employee well: "We had a long talk," the singer continued. "U have a blessed day Sandy (sic)."

She then quipped, "Can a b**ch cop (buy) her fenty in peace er whut (sic)".


SZA tells the incident to her online devotees.

Ironically, SZA even used to work at a Sephora store in 2012 before finding fame, and previously shared the most interesting piece of information she learned from her time in the beauty retailer's skin-care department.

"Basically, the most valuable thing I learned is that a lot of 'organic' things are bad for your skin," she told Elle magazine of how she learned how to deal with her cystic acne.

"Just because a product is 'natural' or 'vegan' doesn't mean you won't break out. There are so many natural and non-natural irritants, and some chemicals are actually nice to your skin, and some are hella chemical-y (sic) and mess up your complexion."

Sephora executives have yet to respond to SZA's racial profiling allegations.

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